How To Download YouTube Videos In Linux Command Line

I am aware you have previously seen just how to download YouTube videos. However, those tools had been GUI manners. I will share with you just how to download videos from Linux terminal with youtube-dl.

To get videos

It’s written in pygtk and necessitates the app to conduct, it is perhaps not platform. It should operate on almost any Unix, Windows or at Mac OS X.

When youtube-dl is murdered (such as by Ctrl C or as a result of lack of Internet connectivity) at the center of the download, then it is possible to merely re-run it using exactly the exact same YouTube video URL. The download will be automatically resumed by it as a download is found from the directory. And that means that you never require download managers in Linux only for restarting downloads.

Youtube-dl attributes

This small tool has many features it won’t be an exaggeration to call it that the most useful YouTube downloader for Linux.

Down load videos out of not merely YouTube but additional popular video internet sites such as Dailymotion, face-book and so forth

Lets downloading videos in lots of available video formats like MP4, WebM etc..

You might also pick the essence of the video currently being downloaded. In case the video is offered at 4K, you may download it into 4K, 1080p, 720p and so forth

Automatical pause and restart of downloads.


Videos from sites might be contrary to their coverages. If opt to download videos, it’s up for you.

The best way to set up youtube-dl onto Linux

Youtube-dl can be offered from the default repositories on Linux distributions, even in any respect and is just actually a program that is favorite. It’s possible to use the normal method of installing packages on your supply. I demonstrate a few controls to its interest.

If You’re currently running Linux distribution, it is possible to install it with this command:

But I suggest installing it directly from the origin repository.
Through the control line interface, you can install youtube-dl in your own platform for almost any Linux distribution :

Sudo wget -O usr/local/bin/ / youtube-dl

After yanking on the document, you want to decide on a executable permission to the script to do precisely.

Once You have been using it for a couple of weeks, That can be useful:

Youtube-dl -Utilizing YouTube-dl for downloading videos
To put in a video file, then only run the next command. The place”VIDEO_URL” maybe the URL of this video you need to download.


Download YouTube videos from a variety of formats and superior size

Nowadays YouTube videos have various resolutions, so first you will have to test out video formats of confirmed YouTube video. This will reveal to you a set of formats that are available.

Putting language

Now on the list of formats that are available, choose the one which you prefer. If You Wish to put in it into 1080 pixel and variant, you need to utilize:

Youtube-dl -f 3-7 down load sub-titles of videos employing youtube-dl
First, assess whether there are subtitles designed to your video.

To record subs to get a movie, use the control below:

Where”playlist_url” may be that the URL of the play list you need to download.

Youtube-dl -cit down load just music out of YouTube videos in the event that you would just like to download the music out of a YouTube video, then you need to make use of the -x option to just extract the sound record out of the video.

You can define the document format of the file from another mode:

Youtube-dl -x audio-format mp3

Along with also a good deal more may be carried out with youtube-dl youtube-dl can be a more versatile commandline application and a number of functionalities. No wonder it’s such a commandline tool that is favorite.

I have shown a few of their frequent usages with the particular tool. But if you’d like to research its capabilities further, please assess its manual.

I really am hoping that this article enables you to download videos. For more information about YouTube downloaders click here.

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