Margarita Glasses For Better Tasting Cocktails

A pitcher of refreshing margaritas is a great way to spice up your meal. And every cocktail is more enjoyable when it’s presented in a festive cup, especially one as famous as the margarita. But there are so many styles of cocktail glasses out there: Which is the right one for this citrusy tequila drink?

It really depends on the margarita recipe that you are using to make your glasses. While a frozen marg requires a stronger glass than a rocks margarita, which is being strained into a delicate coupe-style, both styles can be used for salty rims. Ree Drummond, by most standards, is not a margarita purist. She prefers salt to the rim of her glass. She prefers a thick, unapologetically thick border of lime-spiked Sugar. Some of her margarita recipes are made with vodka and tequila. This list features unique glassware as well as the finest traditional coupe-style margarita cups.

This glassware will get you ready to cheers, whether you’re shaking up a pitcher of classic lime margaritas or are making a twist on the original, like Ree’s Marg-a-Ree-tas. If you’re looking for a fruity twist, make sure to check out her Mango Margaritas and Strawberry Margaritas.

Libbey Cactus Margarita Glasses

These cute cactus glasses are probably something you’ve seen at your local Tex-Mex restaurant. These glasses will make any party more festive.

Ribbon Margarita Glass

These stemless cocktail glasses are elegant and sophisticated. The beautiful blue streak gives these glasses an artistic touch.

Confetti Rock Margarita Glasses

Each one of these gorgeous speckled glasses is handmade in Mexico. No two are the same! That’s what we will cheer!

MargTini Tumbler

Let the party begin! This margarita glass, which is insulated and has a beautiful iridescent finish will keep any ice from melting or watering down your drink.

XL Giant Margarita Glass

This glass is meant to be shared! It can hold three standard-sized margaritas in one large cup.

Plastic Margarita Glasses

This colorful set of 48 cups is perfect for those who want margarita glasses that can be used once. These cups will make any gathering more festive.

Santino Recycled Margarita

These glasses are greenish in color because they’re made of recycled cola bottles. If you love retro-inspired glassware, these glasses are for you.

Host Freeze Insulated Margarita glass

Do not settle for watered down drinks at your next tailgate. These glasses have insulated plastic walls that are filled with cooling gel to keep drinks cold.

Glasses set of hand-blown rocks


You might prefer your margaritas to be served in a classic rock glass if you don’t like your glasses stemless. This beautiful blue-rimmed set was handcrafted in Mexico.

Crafthouse Coupe

For a more delicate feel, strain a margarita glass into a pretty coupe glass. These glasses are extremely durable, so don’t mistake delicate for fragile.

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Important considerations

A traditional margarita glass has a strong stem and a large, curved bowl. It resembles a coupe but is slightly deeper to allow more ice. Many bowls have two distinct tiers. It looks as though a larger bowl sits on top of a smaller one. This glass allows for lots of ice, but is still easy to hold and drink.

The bowl is large, but the base of the glass is usually wide so that the drink doesn’t feel heavy. Although most stems are slim, there are some varieties that have shorter, more robust stems.


Margarita glasses made from standard glass are a good choice as they offer a low-cost, high quality vessel to enjoy your margarita. There are also hand-blown options. These glass options are more durable and can look better, but they come at a higher cost. Crystal glass is another material that is lighter and more durable than standard glass but is also more expensive.

Plastic is used to make inexpensive margarita glasses. These glasses are usually reserved for parties or other events where many people might be drinking. These are useful for outdoor drinking, such as on the patio, at the beach or in the park, where glass breakage can be a problem.

Although they are less common, there are some stainless steel margarita glasses. These glasses are similar in design to goblets and coupes. Stainless steel has a benefit: it is more insulation. This is a bonus for people who might be sipping slowly during hot days.


The typical margarita glass holds between 10 and 12 ounces. However, buyers will likely find alternatives that range from 6 ounces up to 20 ounces.

The size of the drink is important. A smaller glass is better for those who like less ice. For those who prefer more ice or want to make ice-blended margaritas, a larger glass is ideal. You can even find novelty-sized margarita glasses with over 20 ounces.

Did You Know?

Shaking a drink will chill the contents quicker than stirring. This is why margaritas are so popular. This creates the cloudy, frothy appearance you desire.


Many margarita glasses have unique designs. Particularly the stem can be bent or altered. Some margarita stems can look like cacti, giving it a Southwest flair.

You may also find glasses with a hint of color. Plastic glasses can come in a variety of colors. However, some glasses have a border or a hue to add color and interest.


Some margarita glasses don’t have a stem but instead have a deep, wide base. You can fill the entire glass with the drink, or you may close the base so that the drink doesn’t touch its bottom. It will vary in height: sometimes it can be as high as a standard margarita glasses. It may be shorter in some cases. While stemless glasses are more convenient to store and offer greater stability, you might find that your cold drink is heated up by your warm hand.

Insulation with double-walls

This feature is available on many glassware that can be used for ice drinks. This style has two layers of glass so that the cold temperature of the margaritas and your warm hand don’t meet.


A margarita glass set may come with accessories related to making and serving the cocktail. A matching pitcher is available for making margaritas in large quantities. A salt rimmer is another common addition that makes garnishing the edges of glasses easy.

You can mark your calendar for February 22nd, National Margarita Day. You’ll be prepared with the right set of margarita glasses!


Cocktail set: Cresimo Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

You need the right tools to make a good margarita. Cresimo’s inexpensive set includes everything you need to make delicious cocktails.

Manual citrus juicer: Harold Import Co. Citrus Juicer

A margarita is incomplete without lime juice. It’s better to use fresh lime juice. HIC offers a durable option in glass with this manual juicer.

Bar carte: Home Products Chrome Metal Bar cart

Bar carts are a great way to store glassware and bottles. This bar cart from eHome Products can be used to store bottles and glassware. It is mobile and durable.

Margarita machine: Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker

A blender is necessary to make frozen margaritas. This versatile and powerful Margaritaville blender can be used to make a wide range of drinks and it is a great addition to any party.

Did You Know?

Margaritas glasses come in sets of either two or four. You should remember that breakage can occur so you might want to purchase more than you actually need. You will also need plenty of storage space because margarita glasses can be very large.

Margarita glasses: Prices

  • It’s affordable: A few classic margarita glasses sets can be found for as low as $15. You will also find many plastic options in this price range.
  • Mid-range: Sets of margarita glasses typically cost between $15- $30, and usually include two to four glasses.
  • High-end: Sets larger than 30 x mm, and those made from stainless steel or glass of higher quality, will cost you $30 more.


  • Ice is important. Your ice cubes’ effectiveness is determined by their quality and shape. Cubes with larger surface areas or cracks are less effective.ShavingsYou can also use this method to melt your drink faster and dilute it.
  • Experiment. There is the traditional, three-ingredient margarita. However, there are many variations. You can add orange liqueurs or fruits to any of these versions. You can experiment with different flavors and discover your favorites.
  • Then chill the glass. Margaritas can be enjoyed chilled. It’s easier to keep your drink cold if the glass has been chilled. It’s best to keep it in the freezer or fridge for at least 10-30 minutes before you take a drink.
  • Avoid low-quality ingredients margarita doesn’t have many components, but it does matter how good they are. Make sure to use fresh limes and avoid low-quality tequilas and liqueurs.

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