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Reciprocating saws have grown to be a staple for both demolition and monitoring work. And until anything however a corded saw was not high quality enough to get more heavy carpentry and framing tasks. But you would like the flexibility of conducting corded or cordless. In includes with the Metabo HPT CR36DAQ4 Cordless, Brushless MultiVolt 3-6 Volt Reciprocating Saw, together with all the capability to operate corded or cordless.

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We shot the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36-volt Reciprocating Saw into some job-site and used it for many discerning demonstration work plus some simple framing tasks such as cutting plates out for doors, cutting out sub for fixes, and basic framing and reshaping tasks.

That really is just actually really a powerful and fully featured saw. A few stand out features range from the varying rate trigger together with some 4-step push-button maximum rate setting which allows an individual to dial up tool rate into this endeavor. The action on the saw is flexible in 4 steps having a lever to the face of this tool. Really just a glowing LED work light is with a push button on button. This LED lighting is rather effective, putting lots of lighting onto the cut throughout usage. A major rafter hook is onto the swivel on the face of this tool which may hook on 2 x, LVL, or even.

Among the best features with the saw is that your skill to go forward and backward between corded and cordless. If you have got some quick cuts to produce or if you are definitely going to be getting around a great deal simply throw a battery and do it, however if you are definitely going to do demonstration daily and also wish to spare your valuable battery for some different applications put the (optional) adapter inside and cut off. The cord is long at nearly 25 ft. The cordless port will result in an unusual position of the power cable along with it sticking forward ahead of the grip of this tool. Do not cause any issues could produce the saw more challenging to move in tight areas. Where case you can switch to this battery life!

The Saw

This saw is still a monster. At one stage we had to cut via a 6″ thick column set up but did not have accessibility to perform a cut. There clearly is sub-par still yet another column under, above, and electric and pipes in the manner on each side impedes access. I surely could rock the blade and then cut a kerf that enabled me to chisel the beam out. The saw did not hesitate, kickback, or bog down at a dip cutting tool in framing. I was impressed that the Metabo HPT 36v MultiVolt managed to try that task.

Additionally, we employed the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 36-volt Reciprocating Saw to cut on steel station. The rate function made this simple to complete with controller to find a decently cut to get a saw.

The saw excelled in overall farming and demolition actions. This saw only hauled that we did not beat us up threw at it. Even the UVB (User Vibration Protection) is effective, this saw much less than most saws I have used and did not leave me feeling as though I had shot just as a lot of beating while the timber I had been cutting off.

Using a fully charged battery that I did not need to replace the battery.

The shoe alteration is a plastic lever that’s tucked tightly in to the rubber over-mold grasp it is perhaps not in any way an easy task to discharge. A lever having more easy access are a wonderful change.

The blade quick-release is really actually just a twist-collar type, it’s tool-less which can be good. However, a release lever that’s reachable from the face of this tool is much far better compared to the fast release collar which needs pulling the running or blade saw to find the collar forwards and outside of this home at the front end of the tool.

A couple of minor alterations to recline in the shoe adjustment lever and the blade shift which saw could be nearly perfect. The Metabo HPT Multi Volt 36-volt Reciprocating Saw can be actually really just a killer saw strong, powerful, easy to use, and very versatile.

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