PushLotus Review

Welcome to my PushLotus Review. If you are searching for a genuine PushLotus Assessment, you attended to the proper place.

Would You Be Able To Make More Money Today

If You Had The Ability To Send Push Notifications Directly To Your Target Audience, Right Now?

PushLotus Overview:

Vendor: Vas Blagodarskiy et al

Product: PushLotus

Launch Date: 2016-03-03

Launch Time: 07:00 EST

Front-End Price: $67

Official Site: http://pushlotus.com/

Niche: General


Paid traffic is costing an arm and a leg, and people are NOT making any returns on their investments. It’s sad.

If you are wasting money, and not making any money back, then you are not running a sustainable business.

Most so-called “free” traffic methods just leave people waiting days, weeks and even months on end, with no results.
If you’re lucky, maybe you will get one or two visitors… And on a particularly good day, you’ll get a few dozen clicks.
AT BEST, you’ll get a few hundred clicks. But after 24 hours, the clicks dwindle down, and that’s it. No more  Ugh!

Lists are dying fast.

There are so many list-building softwares out there that help you build relationships with strangers online who subscribe to your list.

The problem? These software product makers won’t tell you how hard it is to earn money from your subscribers! If they did, you would never buy their products. The reality is that monetization isn’t easy.

PushLotus Review – What is it ?

PushLotus is push notifications software that suitable with any website. It’s a code snippet like a traditional optin form. PushLotus could be considered as brand new software fresh off a hot webinar circuit.

If you don’t have a big company to send direct desktop alerts to your customers, with a little snippet of code, you can have your own push notifications. Satish will show this code to you. When you build your list, you will get more bangs for your buck. Even if you are small-business owners, you can use push notifications to send coupons, special offers, lunch specials, happy hour deals, bundle deals, and more. If you own an online company, you can use this push notifications technology to get instant traffic to any page you like. Use it to give away freebies, get video views, make affiliate income, drive traffic to CPA campaigns, or whatever else.

Ready For Instantaneous Earnings?
Step 1: Send a push notification to your list
Building your list with PushLotus is super easy. Watch the lead developer explain it in this product demo.

Step 2: Your subscribers will click on you
You will see how you can customize your own push notifications so you can maximize your conversions.

Step 3: Collect leads & sales immediately
Immediately, clicks will pour in. Enter any URL you want to receive targeted traffic in under 60 seconds.


Nothing To Download,Nothing To Install
When people visit a site that uses PushLotus, they will not be prompted to do anything extraordinary. Just push 1 button

Get Traffic Instantly,People Click Immediately!
You can get sales in just a few minutes. Leads, too! PushLotus works in every country & perfect for any niche.

Instant Alert,Worldwide Distribution
Type in your title and description, and paste an optional link. There’s no delay. Your notification will be pushed immediately.

Full Tracking Enabled,Know Who’s Coming In
Retain full control of your growth. See how much engagement your push notifications are getting, in real time

Here’s how it works:
Your website visitors click one button to opt into your list. (NOTE: It can even appear automatically, on page load!)

Visitors won’t be required to download anything, let alone install anything on their computer.

PushLotus is super convenient. It’s the next best thing since email marketing!

It’s INSTANT (push notifications are delivered within 5 seconds worldwide)
It’s ALWAYS DELIVERED (there are no Spam complaints or Bounce rates)
It WORKS (you get 100% delivery rate, every single time)

It used to be ILLEGAL to do this! But now, you don’t have to do any ‘blackhat’ stuff to achieve the same effect as Facebook… Twitter… And other multi-billion dollar companies!

PushLotus is 100% legal, and 100% compliant with all Terms of Services.

Let me explain.

Back in the day, you had to “cross over to the dark side” to have this power.

Remember when shady marketers would have malicious adware on their website?

And when you would visit their website, suddenly you would start getting a bunch of annoying notifications?

This was the shady work of shady marketers. In fact, what they did was ILLEGAL!

Those were the adware popups of yesteryear. Not the new-age push notifications.

But here’s the thing… you no longer have to resort to such immoral practices, because with the power of push notifications, you can achieve a lot more.

this is a BIG deal!

Marketers used to have to install ADWARE on their website visitors’ computers, just to have the ability to send them instant alerts like these.

But you don’t have to become a criminal to do this anymore!

What you are seeing here today is absolutely ground-breaking, because PushLotus uses a Push Notification feature that’s directly built into Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It’s fully authorized by the recipients!

That’s what makes it not only allowed, but actively encouraged!

Price of Product?

Personally I think is a very unique product so the price $67 is a reasonable price. no doubt about its great ability, I would definitely register yourself a product like this, did you?

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